A unique and prestigious agreement

In 2006, ECE received a large grant from the European Commission to implement a transatlantic degree program with a major Swedish university and two highly ranked institutions in the United States.

The EU-US Atlantis Program, known as “The Transatlantic Dual-Degree Program: Preparing Students for Success in the Flat World of the 21st Century”, was inaugurated in October 2006 at ECE Lyon.

The 4 partner institutions involved in the consortium are:

A Transatlantic Dual-degree Program “Preparing Students for Success in the Flat World of the 21st Century” intends to:

  • Establish a dual-degree program through mutual recognition and transfer of academic credits
  • Improve students’ ability to collaboratively manage multicultural teams and international business and commerce projects
  • Develop second and third language proficiency
  • Engage non mobile students from each of the four partner institutions
  • Encourage cooperation and collaboration during periodic faculty exchanges
  • Develop ongoing faculty relationships across both continents and cooperatively develop an emergent curriculum (especially in the thesis and capstone project courses) that will deepen the program’s global impact and enrich students’ experience throughout the curriculum.

Earn a triple diploma

Every year, a select number of students are chosen from each participating institution and spend a total of thirteen months abroad.

The aim of the Atlantis Program is to develop potential leaders able to deal with the triple convergence of new technological infrastructures, innovative business processes, and global networks.

Designed with this in mind, our transatlantic program provides a unique curriculum including courses in international business, information technology, and globalization. In the course of their studies, “Atlantis students” earn a European bachelor’s degree in International Business and either a master’s degree in Information Systems Management, or an MBA in a multitude of disciplines from the U.S.

Students from the four partner institutions will also be able to develop their language proficiency and communication skills.