Program - Managerial Cycle

Semester 7 and 8


Company strategy
Strategy and company governance
Company management
International management issues
Business game


Modern language l: English and TOEIC (training + taking the exam)
Modern language II (German, Arabic, Spanish, Italian)
Modern language III (Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese…)


International principles of economics

General Knowledge

New world situation and international relations
Methodology for applied research paper

Professional Majors

International Finance Major

(in French and in English)

  • Corporate Finance – Global Assets Management
  • Business Control
  • Financial accounting
  • Stock markets
  • Consolidation and mergers / acquisitions
  • Internal audit
  • Company evaluation

International Marketing & Communication Major

(in English)

  • Panels & Dash Board – Marketing Studies
  • Brand Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Digital Marketing
  • Luxury Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Innovation Marketing
  • Green Marketing & CSR
  • Corporate Communication

Digital Marketing & Web Strategy Major

(in French and in English)

  • Direct / Digital and viral marketing
  • Web strategy
  • E-reputation
  • Knowledge management
  • Technologies and web architecture
  • Web project management
  • History of innovation and technologies

Innovation and Intrapreneurship major

(in French and in English)

  • Innovation management
  • Creativity techniques
  • Innovation marketing & Green marketing
  • Change management and organizational innovation
  • Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship
  • Legal environment for company creation and company take-overs
  • Public policies and innovation
  • Financing techniques and business plan