The ECE BBA program requires 4 to 6 internship periods in companies in France and abroad.

Undertaken throughout the curriculum, these internships enable students to become familiar with the company world, to put into practice and consolidate the theoretical teaching that creates an effective stepping-stone, with an average of 13 to 22 months of professional experience in the 4th year.

Numerous assignments are conferred on the students and concern multiple sectors of activity. They are occasionally undertaken in a team, or may support a project or develop an activity in France or abroad. The level of responsibility will increase as the studies progress and will enable students to develop their mobility, adaptability and autonomy.

Students are supervised before, during and after their internships by a training supervisor who provides them with personalized support, guiding them in their approaches and helping them to choose an orientation. From the 3rd year onwards, the choice of internship will be in line with the students’ professional project so as to add constructive and effective experience to their CVs.

stages inseec BBA

1st Year


1st year / 4 weeks / France or abroad

This first experience enables students to become involved in a particular assignment carried out in the field of business and sales. The internship takes place at a time when companies and businesses have a need for additional personnel.

Students therefore join a sales team and carry out the assignments that are conferred on them.

Possibility of two additional months in July / August.

2nd Year


2nd year / 3 months / Abroad / (non-French speaking country)

This internship has the objective of enabling students to discover foreign companies and take advantage of the theoretic knowledge acquired, in the form of direct contact with the working world.

The student is required to have a dual approach: linguistic and cultural immersion, and in this way undertaking the in-house assignments that are conferred on him, as well as observing and reflecting on the socio-economic sector where the student is carrying out his internship.

Possibility of two additional months in July / August.

3rd Year


Third year / 3 to 4 months (depending on the chosen Track)

This is a ‘management’ internship as the student’s assignment must correspond to a real need on the part of the company and produce a concrete result through recommendations to act on.

It is expected that this company internship will involve stages of analysis, propositions and implementation, which will require the student to use his knowledge in his field experience. This internship will also be a period of reflection that will enable the student to deeply consider the choice of his future career.

4th Year


Fourth year / 6 to 9 months / France or abroad

This internship should enable the student to be given responsibilities when carrying out a long term assignment thereby strengthening certain essential personal and professional characteristics: autonomy when carrying out actions, access to responsibilities, ability to provide expertise in a job position or field.

The major aim of this internship is for the student to become integrated in his position in the company to finalize the completion of his international CV.

Students have the possibility of replacing this internship by a fixed-term contract, a permanent contract or an international voluntary assignment.