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BBA Undergraduate Business Program


The ECE (Ecole de Commerce Européenne) is the postsecondary (undergraduate) program of the Groupe INSEEC. This 4-year diploma is fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education.

Our mission, since the school’s creation in 1988, has been to make our students operational in the field of international business.

Our vocation is based on very simple principles:

  • A high level of academic excellence
  • Proficiency in foreign languages and a broad knowledge of foreign cultures
  • Extensive internships in international business
  • Development of a professional project

Our program of studies has been redesigned over the years to reflect the changes in the business environment. More recently, we have harmonized it with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) standards.

This initiative reflects not only our determination to comply with European regulations, but also to affirm our school’s high-level international profile.

Build your international Resume

A network of universities worldwide and powerful partners

Professionalize your skills

The curriculum of the BBA INSEEC includes 4-6 experiences in business, at least 2 must take place abroad or in an international context. These training periods represent a total of 13 to 22 months of work and allow students to:

Apply what they've acquired

Discover the Enterprise

Prepare their employability