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Clara est en 2me année au BBA INSEEC Lyon et effectue actuellement comme tous les étudiants de sa promotion, un stage international de 3 mois. Elle a eu la chance d’intégrer HP à Barcelone. Plus que ravie de son expérience, elle a choisi de la partager.

I decided to write a short article to explain a little bit what an amazing experience I have been living.

I have been at HP Barcelona for 1 month and have been doing so much. I currently work in the communication department, which represents 3 persons out of 3,000 employees. The communication team takes care of reporting all activities, events and newsletters for all HP employees. They are the ones organizing the site visits, invite special guest speakers like Salim Ismail, which came to give a conference.

I have added myself to the communication team in January the 8th and I have the responsibility to write an annual report which is a summary of all the events, sponsorships, donations and activities offered by HP Barcelona site. This document has a purpose of showing other people from different sites how we are actively involved in our community. To accomplish my task, I had to go over a whole year of activities and events in pictures, videos and presentations. With the help of my coworkers, I was able to gather all the necessary material.

During my first two weeks, I had to understand what The HP Way was. HP is an enormous and resourceful company with a lot of history. Its own story is enormous. As you may know, HP was created in the Silicon Valley in 1939 in the garage of one of the two creators.

Fun fact: HP was named Hewlett Packard over a coin toss. In order to decide whose name was going to be first, they threw a coin and whichever side it fell on was the one that would have its name first.

HP has such a story to tell that I took me two weeks just to understand the HP mindset and what being part of HP meant. On the HP intranet, you can encounter so many resources that are made for new members to understand what is HP. Most people say that being part of HP is being part of an international family, a work family. But in order to truly understand what are HP’s values, I created a mind map. By creating this mind map, which was hang up on the walls of some of HP’s VP, I got to understand what was HP.

HP offers many advantages to their employee like a gym to workout, medical services but also access to the Digital Oasis. The Digital Oasis is a special service that performs Happy Hours from 2 to 4pm, where employees can come and print whatever they want. The Digital Oasis also offers many different workshops like printing on a canvas, printing on textile or even printing on adhesive paper to create wallpapers or stickers. I have been lucky to participate in a few of these workshops but count on attending all of them.

I have also taken part in another workshop which was organized by a 3D printing engineer. We worked on their new Design Thinking method and for three hours, we had to create an app or service which could respond to the customers need.

In addition, I was able to attend a professor’s conference form ESADE Business School, which was about consumer decision making.

It has only been a month since I have been at HP but I have been in luck to learn so much about the company and business in general. I recommend HP to anyone who wants to discover what working for a big international company means.